Capabilities - EUROGULF Transformers
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upgrade, repair & refurbishment

equipped for rapid response

We work with power transformers of any make or age, including upgrade, repair & refurbishment works at site or in factory.

oil sampling, analytics & diagnosis

delivering superior value

We offer a comprehensive sampling, analysis and diagnostic service for all fluid filled equipment.

clients, projects & testimonials

solutions for every sector

Whatever your market sector, we deliver the best possible solution to meet your business’s needs.



Automatic CNC machines for winding. Foil winding for low voltage. PICC for high voltage windings.Bunch or CIC for power.


CNC core cutting machine using step lap core design to reduce losses, excitation current and noise.


Core Coil Assembly and Tap Changer are made prior to the drying process. Ratio, magnetic balance and vector group are checked. Scrambled it to make a type specimen book.


Core Coil Assemblies are dried under vacuum to remove moisture. Oven for drying active part is computerized and can cater up to 132kV class. The type of kV class is selected at the menu. The process is automatic. After the completion of the process, the CA is taken for tanking process. Scrambled it to make a type specimen book.


Tanks are fabricated with mild steel. The welds are leak free and as per SA 21/2 all tanks are checked by ultraviolet ray dye penetrant test to ensure zero leakage.


Shot blasting process removes mill and welding scale. A Zinc-rich primer coat is applied immediately after short blasting to eliminate rust formation. After the first coat is dried, a second coat is applied. Painting is done by flood painting process.


Transformers are filled with filtered transformer oil under vacuum to the required level. After the tanking process, testing is done to ensure transformers are leak free.


EUROGULF TRANSFORMERS are manufactured with high-quality standard materials imported from renowned suppliers of the industry. We have adopted one of the best manufacturing processes in the transformer industry.

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design & technology

EUROGULF Transformers have extensive experience in designing power and distribution transformers according to Regional and International Conditions & Standards. In order to optimise the electrical and mechanical design of our products, we use software ranging from tender optimisation programs and detailed in house developed programs to sophisticated finite element modelling.

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manufacturing & testing

Our world class power transformer manufacturing facility is divided into three major workshops: the electrical assembly operations, the mechanical welding and surface treatment painting operations, and the electrically isolated high voltage test laboratory.

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standards & compliance

We have an enviable reputation for quality and reliability and we will do whatever it takes to protect this long standing reputation. We operate under very strict Quality, Health and Safety, and Environmental Management Systems with all our products being designed, manufactured and/or tested to Regional or International Standards.

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supply chain management

EUROGULF apply a strategic approach in developing supply chain relationships and partnerships that provide a mutual value proposition. These approaches extend from our material and component suppliers to our customers whom we deliver products and solutions.

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