Vision, Mission & Core Values - EUROGULF Transformers
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Vision, Mission & Core Values

Establishing a high performing business that invests in people, technology, assets and processes.

Our Vision

To deliver products and services that exceed customer’s expectations, making EUROGULF a leading player in the industry


To deliver value to all stakeholders in an ethical manner. To deliver quality in all functions covering design, manufacture, testing and commissioning of transformers and sub-stations through appropriate investment of resources.

Our values

Maintain high quality standards in our design manufacturing process

Constant following and upgrade of our skill-sets to match developments in the international environment.

Ethical work and leadership.

Maintaining a professional team spirit and long term partnership.

Our strengths

Highly qualified and experienced team

The technical collaboration with MACE S.A.S, Italy allows us to draw upon their expertise and keep abreast with the latest developments in the industry.

An operating plant covering an area of 100,000 sq.ft

Latest manufacturing technologies and equipment

Design capabilities to meet any requirement

One of the best test facilities in the region

Transformer testing bench by KEMA