About Us - EUROGULF Transformers
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quality & hse

reliability & responsibility

We operate under very strict Quality, Health and Safety, and Environmental Management Systems

design & technology

extensive experience

We have extensive experience in designing transformers according to Middle-East or International Standards.

manufacturing process

ensuring performance

We adopt one of the best manufacturing processes in the transformer industry to ensure efficient performance.


Take a video tour of our facility to understand our capabilities and expertise

design & technology

We have extensive experience in designing power and distribution transformers according to Middle East and/or International Standards. Design reviews with our engineering team can be performed either at our manufacturing facility or our customer’s offices.

manufacturing & testing

EUROGULF TRANSFORMERS have become a specialist in the delivery of transformer solutions by building superior quality products and delivering responsive services to many satisfied customers. We offer our customers the confidence of proven designs coupled with state of the art manufacturing facilities, robust processes and compliance to international standards.

standards & compliance

We have a reputation for quality and reliability and always do whatever it takes to protect this identity. We operate under very strict Quality, Health and Safety Standards with all our products being designed, manufactured and/or tested to local or International Standards.

supply chain management

We have adopted a strategic approach in developing supply chain relationships and partnerships to provide value to both parties. These approaches extend from our material and component suppliers to our customers whom we deliver products and solutions reflecting our long-standing commitment to focus on the whole of life cost.

the company

10 years of empowering industries

Established through a technology transfer from Italy, EUROGULF TRANSFORMERS has today grown to become one of the most prominent manufacturer of power and distribution transformers.

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power transformers

critical to today’s electrical infrastructure

Our Power Transformers are designed and manufactured in our state of the art facility with the latest technology equipment, systems and processes that are all subject to strict quality control gates.

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distribution transformers

ensuring reliable supply

Standard proven design methodologies, supported by extensive short circuit tests have proven the product design and ensure superior product performance in the field.

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package & unit sub-stations

subject to extensive testing

Our package and unit substations are designed and manufactured for standard and specific customer requirements and many arrangements are available with all configurations fully rated in their enclosures.

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special application transformers

transformers for unique specifications

We have the capability, capacity and experience to design and manufacture special transformers for specific applications that are unique in specification and requirement.

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cost effective and innovative solutions for Transformer life management

site installation & testing

Highly Skilled Team

Power transformer installation and pre-commissioning testing is predominantly undertaken by our highly skilled installation teams utilising specialised processing and latest test equipment.

transformer assessment

Pre & Post Failure

Our extensive transformer design and site operation experience enable us to accurately assess a transformer’s condition both pre and post failure, irrespective of whether in the field or at our facility.

upgrade, repair & refurbishment

Tight Time-Frame Execution

Leading the industry with the quality and quantity of processing and equipment powers, our team is well equipped to respond to the full range of transformer upgrade, maintenance and repair requirements.

oil sampling, analytics & diagnostics

Identifying Issues Early

We offer a comprehensive sampling, analysis and diagnostic service for all fluid filled equipment ensuring that they deliver superior value over their life through reliable performance and minimum downtime.

proof of our promise

what makes us different is our unwavering commitment to ensure minimum downtime and reduced operational costs